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Saturday, November 1, 2008

revisited. Most Hit-Pieces on 9/11 Truth are written by Zionist jews.

I am surprised this crypto-jew sneaked under my radar. But at the same time I am not surprised, as I told you MOST (90% of them) hit-pieces against 9/11 Truth are written or promoted by jews. Michael Danby, is, with little surprise, an active member of the Melbourne jewish commnity, and refers to himself as a jew:

MP attacks Channel Ten over 9/11 conspiracy film

A Labor backbencher has attacked Channel Ten for screening a film on Saturday night about a conspiracy theory that the United States Government staged the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

The member for Melbourne Ports, Michael Danby, says the documentary In Plain Sight was a calculated insult to the American people and victims of the terrorist attacks.

Mr Danby says Channel Ten should be ashamed of broadcasting the program, which he says was an abominable act of bad taste.

"Ten's major shareholder, Mr Izzy Asper of CanWest, should sack the programming director of Channel 10 for broadcasting this barking mad conspiracy program," he said.

"[It] claimed all American political parties, officials, airlines and the news networks were collaborators in a plot to murder their fellow citizens, over 3,000 innocent people, including some of our own countrymen, Australians."

"Are there no standards we can expect from Channel Ten? Have they no sense of shame for trying to kill again the memory of those cruelly murdered five years ago by Al Qaeda?

"Can you imagine the reaction if a US network produced a similar broadcast about the murders of Australians in Bali?

"I'm sure I share the contempt and derision of the Australian people and its Parliament for this abominable act of bad taste by Channel Ten on the eve of the September 11th mass murder [anniversary]."