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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Of course"!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not posting this here.

Hereward needs to tell the world what his strategy is - it hardly makes a difference if its meant to be a secret. DO you have a mobile phone Hereward? If they were enacting policy to silence you they would just click on "Hereward Fenton's Phone" on their Mossad Central system and listen to you. And second that if you don't have a mobile phone they would just run their voice-recs through all the lino-fixo exchanges they have backdoors in and find all your convos through the NSA.
And they could even find your convos if someone ELSE has a mobile phone in the bar you're having a drink at where you divuldge to John Bursill what your secret plan is.

There would be a GPS-spacetime map of Hereward Fenton's Travels available to all agents assigned your ass.

You understand the meaning of TRUTH MOVEMENT? Our ONLY weapon is Speaking The Truth - its like baring garlic to a vampire. There is no strategy other - we are in the last death-throes of our nation - Its wooden stakes, silver bullets, garlic necklace - TRUTH SPEAK.

Give it up man. Even that MUFF founder can say what he wants when he wants.

So I'm publishing my "Media on Iran Holocaust Cartoon Comp" appraisal on my blog BoringTrash. But the summary of it is:

The mainstream media tried to dampen the irony by speaking to its audience like children. Take for example this article in the Age:

"Leunig silent on racist cartoon competition"

Check out the first two paragraphs (thats where I click BACK and look for a more academic commentary):

By Michael Gawenda
February 16, 2006
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It is, of course, a terrible thing that someone submitted the Michael Leunig cartoon,

Of course! Just so your 8 year old very intelligent daughter who reads The Age knows that it is "of course".

which I had refused to publish when I was editor of The Age,

Because, of course, any self-dignified journalist would refuse to publish this on ETHICAL and MORAL grounds, not to mention the 1 million dead Iraqis found while US forces were looking for WMDS that their leaders knew didn't exist.

to the worldwide Holocaust cartoon competition run by an Iranian newspaper.

Which holocaust is he referring to? Oh, Capital "H" - he means THE holocaust. You know the one I'm talking about? ((I better go google it. I am a very smart 8 year old. (smart compared to the mentally retarded X-box friends I have at school). DOn't forget to balance your brackets.)

Whoever did this did a very bad thing indeed, and if what was done is against the law that person should be prosecuted. I can understand Michael Leunig's dismay.

I agree! Michael Leunig has said NOTHING about it - therefore it must be DISMAY. I mean, it might even be conceivable that Leunig didn't draw that cartoon in the first place??? The hilarious aspect being here, Which Hereward might miss depending on his mood, is that Leunig wasn't denying the Holocaust - he was satirising the hypocrisy of the state of Israel, which holds the greatest number of [B]Holocaust Survivors[/B] in one place in the world, and yet evidently treats the native aboriginals like they themselves were treated [COLOR="Black"]The Holocaust[/COLOR]

Also - I agree again - If this is ILLEGAL - even if the laws are illegal themselves - if this is illegal then we should HUNT this person down for clicking a few buttons and submitting Leunig's "very bad" cartoon. Dare anyone ask - (perhaps ASIO tried to double check in case) whether Leunig himself submitted it!!!!!!

OF COURSE, Leunig would not publish this - He is an AUSTRALIAN - and Australians KNOW that the Holocaust story is open to reinvention by any Jewish person as they see may fit - Also, the Jews are our masters. Leunig didn't publish that cartoon because he actually thinks that - he was drunk at a dinner party with the chief editor and owner of the newspaper it originally appeared in. And everyone knows that, OF COURSE.

Of course, Of course, Of course - Claro!

They did a very bad thing! You must spank them. That is what my Grade 2 teacher would do when we questioned her - SPANK THEM!!! I am now a very smart 8 year old girl!!!! SPANK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!