"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists" J.Edgar Hoover - FBI Director.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

revisited. Most Hit-Pieces on 9/11 Truth are written by Zionist jews.

I am surprised this crypto-jew sneaked under my radar. But at the same time I am not surprised, as I told you MOST (90% of them) hit-pieces against 9/11 Truth are written or promoted by jews. Michael Danby, is, with little surprise, an active member of the Melbourne jewish commnity, and refers to himself as a jew:

MP attacks Channel Ten over 9/11 conspiracy film

A Labor backbencher has attacked Channel Ten for screening a film on Saturday night about a conspiracy theory that the United States Government staged the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

The member for Melbourne Ports, Michael Danby, says the documentary In Plain Sight was a calculated insult to the American people and victims of the terrorist attacks.

Mr Danby says Channel Ten should be ashamed of broadcasting the program, which he says was an abominable act of bad taste.

"Ten's major shareholder, Mr Izzy Asper of CanWest, should sack the programming director of Channel 10 for broadcasting this barking mad conspiracy program," he said.

"[It] claimed all American political parties, officials, airlines and the news networks were collaborators in a plot to murder their fellow citizens, over 3,000 innocent people, including some of our own countrymen, Australians."

"Are there no standards we can expect from Channel Ten? Have they no sense of shame for trying to kill again the memory of those cruelly murdered five years ago by Al Qaeda?

"Can you imagine the reaction if a US network produced a similar broadcast about the murders of Australians in Bali?

"I'm sure I share the contempt and derision of the Australian people and its Parliament for this abominable act of bad taste by Channel Ten on the eve of the September 11th mass murder [anniversary]."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Of course"!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not posting this here.

Hereward needs to tell the world what his strategy is - it hardly makes a difference if its meant to be a secret. DO you have a mobile phone Hereward? If they were enacting policy to silence you they would just click on "Hereward Fenton's Phone" on their Mossad Central system and listen to you. And second that if you don't have a mobile phone they would just run their voice-recs through all the lino-fixo exchanges they have backdoors in and find all your convos through the NSA.
And they could even find your convos if someone ELSE has a mobile phone in the bar you're having a drink at where you divuldge to John Bursill what your secret plan is.

There would be a GPS-spacetime map of Hereward Fenton's Travels available to all agents assigned your ass.

You understand the meaning of TRUTH MOVEMENT? Our ONLY weapon is Speaking The Truth - its like baring garlic to a vampire. There is no strategy other - we are in the last death-throes of our nation - Its wooden stakes, silver bullets, garlic necklace - TRUTH SPEAK.

Give it up man. Even that MUFF founder can say what he wants when he wants.

So I'm publishing my "Media on Iran Holocaust Cartoon Comp" appraisal on my blog BoringTrash. But the summary of it is:

The mainstream media tried to dampen the irony by speaking to its audience like children. Take for example this article in the Age:

"Leunig silent on racist cartoon competition"

Check out the first two paragraphs (thats where I click BACK and look for a more academic commentary):

By Michael Gawenda
February 16, 2006
Page 1 of 2

It is, of course, a terrible thing that someone submitted the Michael Leunig cartoon,

Of course! Just so your 8 year old very intelligent daughter who reads The Age knows that it is "of course".

which I had refused to publish when I was editor of The Age,

Because, of course, any self-dignified journalist would refuse to publish this on ETHICAL and MORAL grounds, not to mention the 1 million dead Iraqis found while US forces were looking for WMDS that their leaders knew didn't exist.

to the worldwide Holocaust cartoon competition run by an Iranian newspaper.

Which holocaust is he referring to? Oh, Capital "H" - he means THE holocaust. You know the one I'm talking about? ((I better go google it. I am a very smart 8 year old. (smart compared to the mentally retarded X-box friends I have at school). DOn't forget to balance your brackets.)

Whoever did this did a very bad thing indeed, and if what was done is against the law that person should be prosecuted. I can understand Michael Leunig's dismay.

I agree! Michael Leunig has said NOTHING about it - therefore it must be DISMAY. I mean, it might even be conceivable that Leunig didn't draw that cartoon in the first place??? The hilarious aspect being here, Which Hereward might miss depending on his mood, is that Leunig wasn't denying the Holocaust - he was satirising the hypocrisy of the state of Israel, which holds the greatest number of [B]Holocaust Survivors[/B] in one place in the world, and yet evidently treats the native aboriginals like they themselves were treated [COLOR="Black"]The Holocaust[/COLOR]

Also - I agree again - If this is ILLEGAL - even if the laws are illegal themselves - if this is illegal then we should HUNT this person down for clicking a few buttons and submitting Leunig's "very bad" cartoon. Dare anyone ask - (perhaps ASIO tried to double check in case) whether Leunig himself submitted it!!!!!!

OF COURSE, Leunig would not publish this - He is an AUSTRALIAN - and Australians KNOW that the Holocaust story is open to reinvention by any Jewish person as they see may fit - Also, the Jews are our masters. Leunig didn't publish that cartoon because he actually thinks that - he was drunk at a dinner party with the chief editor and owner of the newspaper it originally appeared in. And everyone knows that, OF COURSE.

Of course, Of course, Of course - Claro!

They did a very bad thing! You must spank them. That is what my Grade 2 teacher would do when we questioned her - SPANK THEM!!! I am now a very smart 8 year old girl!!!! SPANK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Zionist jews publish most mainstream media 9/11 Truth hit-pieces

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Zionist jews publish most mainstream media 9/11 Truth hit-pieces

The jews have everything to lose if the truth about 9/11 is fully exposed to the world. The jews will cease to sustain the support of the western armies currently engaged in unwinnable wars with the enemies of the jews.

All of these such hit-pieces are written almost to a template of feigned ignorance and strawman disregard.

The following is a critique of a perfect example of such an empty attack-piece by Australian traitor and zionist jew, Hugh Tobin:

Hugh Tobin works for an Australian neoconservative (Zionist) thinktank, Institute of Public Affairs (IPA).
Hugh Tobin is associate editor for IPA.
"Australia's Leading Free Market ThinkTank"
IPA in the News

"In Australia, neo-conservative views can be found in the pages of The Institute of Public Affairs at www.ipa.org.au. This site is interesting mainly for comment on Australian domestic issues, although recently prominent for their campaign on NGOs working in the international arena."

The Institute of Public Affairs is a right-wing, corporate funded think tank based in Melbourne. It has close links to the Liberal Party, with it's Executive Director John Roskam having run for Liberal preselection for a number of elections. Its key policy positions include advocacy for privatisation, deregulation, reduction in the power of unions and denial of most significant environmental problems, including climate change.

Hugh Tobin's Australian media 9/11 hit-piece article:

9-11 theories in overdrive
Hugh Tobin
The Geelong Advertiser
Thursday, March 29, 2007
IPA in the News

9-11 theories in overdrive
Hugh Tobin
The Geelong Advertiser
Thursday, March 29, 2007

Despite long and expensive inquiries, thousands of eye witnesses, and
conclusive video, sound and picture evidence, more than five years
after the attacks, sceptics continue to challenge every part of the
official story of what happened on 11 September 2001.

TOBIN, why don't you tell them about the 503 independent testimonies of explosives in the 9/11 Oral Histories? You know the ones which were
officially taken from all the fire-fighters and medical first-responders
in Nov 2001 but then suppressed by the city council until August 2005
when a Court of Appeals decision forced the Council to release them
and revealed to us what indeed the 9/11 Commission had covered up?

Here anyone who wants to know read these two accounts of the 503 independent testimonies of explosives suppressed by the media and the 9/11 Commission:
Professor David Ray Griffin and the other by Professor Graeme MacQueen:


And also you're familiar with MacQueens video lecture and article supporting Griffin's conclusions?
118 Witnesses: The Firefighter's Testimony to Explosions in the Twin
Prof. Graeme MacQueen

His video lecture:
9/11 Commission Report bars 503 1st responder eyewitnesses

I think there is a longer version?

501 almost qualifies for your claim to "thousands of witnesses" - witnesses to WHAT Hugh? Osama in a cave piloting 9/11? Jihadi mouth foaming arabs in all four planes ringing their tongues screaming Allahu Akbar as they slammed into 75% of their targets thus accomplishing a mission which IF you think about it sounds absurd from its outset? And where are the CCTV of these arabs boarding planes at the airports? (Just like the CCTV cameras in the Underground in London - Israeli security company lost all the footage?)

Imagine the Arab jihadi sitting in their caves after having just fought off some other wild cavemen trying to steal their women saying "Hey I have a plan - lets hijack planes and fly them into US targets and give those Neocons at Will Kristol's PNAC that New Pearl Harbour they been looking for". Second Arabs says "Yeh but what about NORAD? And why do you want to give Israel's America every reason they need to invade the middle-east and just take over all our gig?". Osama says ""Have faith in Allah". And then all the jihadi arabs agree "Allahu Akbar".

I mean, Tobin, this is Australia mate. We fight Crocs and shit. These jihadi, without sparing their own lives, could have more easily come to Australia and burnt it to the ground with a box of matches in the heat of summer. You expect us to believe that they so desperately wanted a hollywood extavaganza which would galvanise the American public to say "Lets turn the middle-east into a glass bowl" that they decided, all 20 of them, to die? We're not stupid in Australia Tobin. You HAVE heard of the killer koalas? Wait. Wait. Wait. I thought I'd finished. Rather than buy a Boeing 757 with all their money, Osama decided that it was a much better idea to send them to the US to train in pilot schools where the CIA and FBI would more easily be able to hold them under surveillance! Now go see Everybody Gotta Learn Sometime:

What about Prof. Terry Morrone?
Volume 10 - April 2007
Proof That The Thermal and Gravitational Energy Available Were Insufficient to Melt Steel in the Twin Towers and 7 World Trade Center on 9/11/01

Oh yes, sorry, you WERE going to mention the molten steel weren't you Hugh?

Oh yes, Hugh, how come you won't mention
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth in this article, and how there are now 137 (as of Hugh Tobin's article date - now there are 230!)
signatory structural engineers and architects who have all studied the
evidence and come to the same conclusion: The THREE WTC towers were
brought down with controlled demolition explosives.

Because maybe then, TOBIN you lying piece of shit, your audience might be INFORMED rather than led up the garden path by JUDAS?

photos, quotations taken out of context and confused eyewitness
accounts have inspired complex and often bizarre conspiracy theories.

Hey Tobin, why don't you tell them that NIST refuse to release any of
the thousands of photos and footage they boast privy?
Independent Investigators Release Suppressed Blueprints of Destroyed World Trade Center Tower

Further NIST refuse to fully disclose the source code of their "proof by computer simulation" models:

"Hoffman's associate editor, Gregg Roberts, sees the NIST Final Report as a whitewash. "The refusal by NIST to fully disclose its computer models, its assumptions, and the conflicts of interest of the many defense contractors who assisted in this whitewash of an investigation reveal the true intentions behind the Report."

And you know the 1000s of photos which FEMA commissioned Protec to collect? You know the ones that Blanchard of Protec boasted privy in his ImplosionWorld hitpiece? You know how Protec refuse to make them publically available?

Or hey, what about telling them how just a few months back BBC announced that they had accidently lost their ENTIRE 9/11 archive of footage?

Hey why
don't you tell them about the SOURCED NASA imagery which shows
temperatures in excess of possible from open combustion fires? Even John Gross the
Senior investigator for NIST was forced admit it:
Above url been deleted once again by YouTube.
Try this one:
Yes thats right Tobin, why don't you tell them about the pools of molten steel running "like lava" in the debris at Ground Zero?

Why don't you tell them that
half the families of the vicitms are calling for another investigation
because the 9/11 Commission didn't answer 70% of their questions???
50% of the victims families believe that 9/11 was an inside job!

Also Tobin, what kind of an investigative journalist are you if you're incapable of cross-verification of the sources? Its not hard.

Rather than a terrorist attack, on that day in 2001 the Pentagon was
in fact struck by a missile,

But that doesn't mean its NOT TERRORISM does it? Its still terrorism
whether it was a missile or whatever. Yes Tobin you know - its called
State-Sponsored terrorism. Whats wrong? Don't want your readers to have any revelations? Don't want them to know about the Irgun terrorists and the long documented history of Israeli state-sponsored false-flag terrorism?

Why don't you tell them about Norman Mineta's testimony to the 9/11
? You know the one that was censored out of the final
report? The one about the stand down of NORAD order.

the World Trade Centre buildings were
brought down by a controlled demolition,

Tell them about all the hundreds of structural engineers and
architects who have concluded this Tobin.

Flight 93 never actually

crashed, and some of the hijackers are still alive in Pakistan - a
logistical feat planned and executed by the US government using remote-
controlled planes.

Why don't you tell them about Pilots for 9/11 Truth who have proven
that the flight-recorder data doesn't show the plane hitting the

Why don't you tell them about the two Pentagon police officers who
testify that the flight path in the official report is not actually
the truth? That the plane didn't follow the path which is said to have
struck down the light poles?

There is a doco called Pentacon made by Pilots for 9/11 Truth. Its on Video-Google.

Anyone go and look up all the work Pilots for 9/11 Truth have done.

September 11 conspiracy theories generally fall into two categories.
Either US government agencies knew that the September 11 attacks were
going to occur and failed to act, or, alternatively, the government
was directly involved in planning and executing the attacks. A MIHOP
is, therefore, someone who believes that the government Made It Happen
On Purpose while a LIHOP believes the government Let It Happen On
Purpose. A large and growing number of people subscribe to these

Oh wow you spoke one paragraph of TRUTH. Well done. But don't forget
the prevailing theory held in the entire muslim world that it was
ISRAEL false-flag terrorism; the kind the muslim world are too well familiar with.And that the US government is controlled by the Neocons
who are predominatly Zionists

A poll taken by the Scripps Survey Research Centre in September 2006
found that 36 per cent of American respondents thought it was very
likely or somewhat likely that the government either took part in the
attacks or allowed them to happen. Meanwhile, 16 per cent thought the
destruction of the World Trade Centre was aided by explosives. Other
polls have reflected these results around the world.

Not going to mention the 60% of Muslims world wide who think it was
Israel poll?

A simple web search on September 11 conspiracy comes up with hundreds
of websites and groups devoted to the topic. Some are simple websites
set up by individuals but others are the work of complex organisations
such as The 9/11 Truth Movement which is a collection of individuals,
researchers and collections of people who are working together to
reveal the conspiracy.

Try 100,000 websites mate. Still lying about the size of this movement
are you?

Another group, known as the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, believes
September 11 was a psychological operation to launch somewhere from 50
to 100 years of aggressive warfare against Middle Eastern and Central
Asian countries. That the official account of 9/11 is a lie and that
9/11 appears to have been an inside job is no longer a matter of
serious scientific debate. Many of the experts used by the Scholars
and other conspiracy theorists to explain why it would be impossible
for the World Trade Centre to have collapsed the way it did, have very
little scientific training apart from watching a couple of cheaply-
produced videos on the Internet.

Scholars for 9/11 Truth was couped by disagents and thats why
Professor Steven Jones (physicist) and others abandoned it and set up
Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice, and also Journal of 9/11

Conspiracy theorists co-operate tightly, despite the contradictions
that may arise.

Not to mention the countless contradictions in the official fairy
tale? Of course you are going to get varying theories from a group of
decentralised independent researchers who are not privy to classified
documents. But you can not excuse the countless contradictions in the
OFFICIAL story can you?

Heres one: Rex Tomb the Chief of Publicity of the FBI admits in late 2006 that the reason the FBI hasn't indicted Osama for 9/11 is because they don't have any hard-evidence connecting Osama to 9/11!!!!!!


Why don't you tell them that hey Tobin?

One theorist who claims that a missile was fired into
the Pentagon will associate himself with another theorist who thinks
that a remotely controlled plane flew into the Pentagon.

Whats the difference? They are both remote controlled. They are both
used as missiles.
The firefighters weren't allowed into the Pentagon to extinguish the
fires. Only FBI were allowed into the Pentagon.

There is no footage of the plane hitting the Pentagon. No CCTV camera over the most defended and secured building in America?

In your beloved kook book by Popular Mechanics they claim that Flight 77's wings were sucked into the small hole made by the fuselage like a fluid - thats why there is no debris to be seen - the plane vapourised!!!


With every new video posted on YouTube, or book published, or website
launched, there arise new opportunities for the theorists to quote
each other and therefore claim to have overwhelming evidence of the
conspiracy. This has led to the popularity of videos such as Loose
Change, which had 10 million views in 2006 alone.

Ah, here it is!!!! He mentions the least credible 9/11 Truth
video on the internet - Loose Change. Try the 100 other videos of far
greater popularity and prestige you LYING schill.
The mainstream press has always been happy to promote Loose Change.

The producer of
Loose Change supposedly originally investigated the attacks to make a
fictional story about the attacks being an inside job, only to find
evidence that there was a real cover up: That 19 hijackers are going
to completely bypass security and crash four commercial airliners in a
span of two hours, with no interruption from the military forces, in
the most guarded airspace in the United States and the world? That to
me is a conspiracy theory.

Most of the September 11 theories are about as credible as a belief in
Nazis on the moon.

Yeh take it from a neocon who has everything to lose if 9/11 Truth becomes official truth. Whatever you do Geelong don't go and
have a look on www.video.google.com for yourselves.

Here is a start:
911: Press For Truth
911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy
The Power of Nightmares (BBC)
Loose Change Final Cut
9/11 Mysteries
Video recorded University lectures from the aforementioned academics.

And although the theories are a form of
entertainment and fantasy for many people, it isn't just boredom
driving the conspiracy theory movement. Psychologists believe humans
are compelled to conspiracy theories, particularly for world-changing
events such as September 11. The authors of Debunking 9/11 Myths, a

most of them Zionists like you Tobin. And a book that has been
thoroughly debunked and exposed for the blatant lies and
misinformation it portends as accurate and correct.
Here for example just to show blatant lies being told by the authors
of that book:

comprehensive rebuttal published by the engineering magazine Popular
Mechanics, argue conspiracy theories share a basic thought pattern:
great tragedies must have great reasons.

especially if you need a "new Pearl Harbour" in order to catalyse the
Americans to support a global conquest in the middle-east to steal all
their oil? As written in your Zionist William Kristol thinktank PNAC, 2000 August
eh Tobin?

A conspiracy theorist will look at an event such as September 11 and
quickly conclude it is impossible for a small handful of terrorists to
inflict widespread death and destruction against the world's most
powerful nation.

Its NOT impossible for them. The death and destruction was not
widespread. 3000 deaths is nothing. Bush has already killed that many
US soldiers again by sending them to Iraq looking for WMDs he knew
weren't there.
EPA has already terminally injured 40,000 first-responder Ground Zero
workers by lying to them about the air-quality at the bequest of the
White House.

This is the point: The arabs would never be so insane to give
the Zionist jews of PNAC their freely available published in August 2000 fatwa against the muslims of the world - The
New Pearl Harbour. Sounds like a good plan does it? Give the jews Open
Season to get the Americans to go and invade the Middle-East? Good
plane is it Tobin? Those Muslims are crazy!! Tactically brilliant to be able to pull off 9/11 but strategically insane!!!

Conspiracy theorists then proceed to find supporting
evidence. At this point, science and conspiracy theory split.

But its not Conspiracy Theorists. Its world leaders, scientists,
former intellgience officials, US politicians, religious leaders, and
muslims world wide, engineers, architects, pilots. The
only people who believe the Official story are a small group of dazed
and confused western ignoramasses. So stop lying Tobin. Enough. You've
The Stringpullers
BBC War PArty

science makes an evaluation of the truth based on all the available
evidence, conspiracy theories generally look for evidence to support
conclusions that have already been established. Other evidence is
either ignored or discredited.

O.k. well you can't be talking about the 9/11 Truth Movement then:
9/11 Press For Truth - Victims' Families Tell the Story the Media Won't

For the conspiracy theory to gather a popular following, it needs to
explain elements of the story that the official account is unable to
explain easily to a lay person. In the case of 9/11, it was strange
the World Trade Centre building 7 also collapsed, despite not being
directly hit in the attacks.

NIST have been unable to explain the collapse of WTC7 to ANYONE let alone laymen. You lying dirtbag. NIST hasn't even published a report on its collapse and the 911CR didn't even mention it !!!

Stop lying Tobin. Stop misrepresentation the 9/11 Truth Movement. Most
of the kook theories out there are implanted as disinformation by your
friends at Mossad to try and obscure the TRUTH.

Bwahahahaha!!! Tobin we now know how you got your ass in an ostensibly prestigious "Wank Tank"!

Similarly, many find it strange that the Pentagon was so easily
attacked, and even more bizarre that not one of the planes was shot
down by the military. Many people also find it impossible to believe
that the World Trade Centre could fall in such a uniform fashion
without that being the result of a controlled demolition.

Or the Transport Secretary Norman Mineta's testimony that Dick Cheney
ordered a Stand Down of NORAD? For example - one of many.

Conspiracy theorists also often connect unrelated information and
sources. September 11 conspiracy theorists, for instance, claim the
World Trade Center buildings could not have collapsed because of a
plane impact as temperatures inside the building would not have been
high enough to melt metal. This is true but is disingenuous. Although
it is true steel's melting temperature is 1500C and that temperatures
in the World Trade Centre would not have likely exceeded 1100C, steel
heated to over 1000C softens and is reduced in strength to 10 per cent
of its room-temperature value.

Right. And what about the rest of the building that wasn't being
heated by fire? How do you explain the near free-fall progressive
collapes? All three buildings collapsed at the same speed they would
if using controlled demolition explosives. Why don't you tell everyone that in that big 10000 page report by NIST they didn't get time to investigate anything about the collapse after t=0 where the failure first begins?

On 9/11
we are expected to believe that laws of physics were defied? You know
those laws I studied at Melbourne University for THREE YEARS?
Seems like you're speaking out of place Tobin. Don't see a BSc next to
your name nor an engineering degree. You studied MEDIA AND

September 11 conspiracies all suffer from serious factual and logical
flaws. How could anyone have possibly prepared a controlled demolition
in the World Trade Centre without being noticed? Why would the
government go to so much trouble planning such a complex conspiracy
using foreign terrorists? Why were black-box recorders and bodies
found at the Pentagon if a 747 didn't crash there?

So basically you've just written the same paragraph 5 times in a row?
Nice one for a guy who got Bachelor of MEDIA and Communications at
Melbourne University. You're not even qualified to write an op-ed about this issue. Actually, you're disqualified.

September 11 is the most watched event in history and one of the most
important events of our lifetime.

Rather, 90% of the footage that was originally aired on 9/11 has never
been played again on the controlled mainstream media in our
country. Such as the collapse of WTC7 which predicatably Tobin doesn't
mention here because he's just hate for anyone in Geelong to go
look it up on the net wouldn't he?

Can everyone see how this article is designed to discourage you from
looking at the evidence for yourself? Tobin doesn't offer our best
punches for people to investigate themselves and he doesn't offer his humble
opinion but rather tries to state everything as though it is a given uncontested fact and pretend that the 9/11 Truth Movement is some fringe of uneducated
paranoid bored citizens. He doesn't mention one academic and only
points you to the Scholars for 9/11 Truth which everyone in the Truth
Movement knows is a disinformation site set up and infiltrated by the
same mafia who brought us 9/11.

The 9/11 Commission produced a 571-
page report that explains the events in full.

Is that so? care to mention Professor David Ray Griffin's critique
where he clearly lays out that 9/11 Commission was a fraud and a cover-

First: It wasn't INDEPENDENT:

It is a total fraud:
9/11 The Myth and the Reality: Dr. David Ray Griffin

90% of that audience are career academics Tobin you moron.
Its TREASON Tobin. And if you cover it up you should be locked up for life as well.

The National Institute
of Standards and Technology also produced 10,000 pages of evidenceon
how and why the World Trade Centre buildings collapsed the way they
did. It could find no corroborating evidence for alternative


hypotheses suggesting the WTC towers were brought down by controlled
demolition using explosives planted prior to September 11, 2001.
Certainly there is strong evidence to suggest there were serious
errors made by the Bush and Clinton administrations in the lead-up to
the September 11 attacks. But suggestions that the United States
Government, or aliens, or the X-Files' Cigarette Smoking Man were
involved in the tragic events of our past have little basis in reality
even though they might feed some deep-seated psychological need for
operatic complexity.



Saturday, January 19, 2008

IBM Thinkpad R50e tried to kill me

I have been using the end of this bed as a desk for the last 4 weeks. I put a rug on the end of the bed so as to not dirty it. Hadn't been a problem. Bottom of the laptop never gets hot, only warm at most, maybe 40 degrees C. I was just about to go to sleep with my head at the other end and I smelt toxic smoke. Looked up, fire coming from under my laptop. Acted quickly, threw laptop across the ground, happened to have 10L bottle of water nearby, put out the now soccer-ball size hole racing fire in the bed. Couldn't believe it. Couldn't believe my luck either.

Believe it or not, the laptop still works although the monitor is broken. I went and bought a Desktop Monitor and plugged that in. That's what I'm using now- but resting always on a hard wooden cabinet top instead of my bed.

If you look around the net for "laptop on bed" ou will see very little appreciation of how dangerous it is. Maybe this one time the rug had positioned itself to cover all the bottom vents.
IBM or someone else need do an experiment with this.

Most people die in bed fires from a cigarette butt or heat-blanket catching the bed alight. They don't wake up because the fumes knock them unconscious. I was bloody lucky. That's the thing I hate so much about life - blink your eyes once more and without warning its gone.

UPDATE: Monday 21st Jan

TO the Conspiracy Theorists on the attempted murder of BoringTrash:
All you skeptics who think I tried to frame my own murder, how about this conspiracy theory on the Thinkpad attacking me:
The joos did it!

If any respectable, impartial lab wants to examine the laptop then PLEASE

I have my theory: I want the lab to investigate whether the joos got into my computer. Others have their theories. Lets test them ALL. I'm not like NIST. I don't just test the theory I WANT concluded. I don't just SELECT evidence for testing and ignore the rest. I don't REFUSE to give up a sample of GROUND ZERO to qualified metallurgists who doubt my conclusions. I'm not WITHHOLDING photographs. I am prepared to fully and transparently answer to all conspiracy theorists.

I didn't realise when I posted this there is a propaganda war between Dell and IBM surrounding fire-hazard laptops.

You can Imagine it now:
Mum is going into the computer store to buy laptop for her daughter. You can see it can't you? "Is this laptop fire-safe? There isn't a chance it could explode and catch fire is there?"
She asks the question because she sees the four letters DELL spotted around. She's on edge. "Could one of those blow up NOW?" Just when we thought the "War on Terror is over"

Thats a second degree burn above. I'm not sure if I woke up because of a foot on fire OR whether I burnt my foot putting out the fire.

UPDATE: 23rd Jan 2008

Since I am still yet to hear back from IBM about this I will publish the email I sent them:

to ibmevoce@br.ibm.com,
date Jan 19, 2008 1:40 AM
subject:my Thinkpad R50e caught on fire and almost killed me!

Attention IBM: Re: Thinkpad R50e notebook caught on fire on my bed almost killing me.

Please see attached photos.

Hi, I thought I should report this as it is obviously one of the most important risks of any manufacturer. I bought a Thinkpad R50e in Sao Paulo and have had it working brilliantly for about 12 months. I now live in RIo De Janeiro. I always fall asleep with this laptop on my bed somewhere. I bought this laptop because I knew they were very robust and designed for jet setting executives.

Last week I had just lay down to sleep and smelt burning rubber. As I jumped up I saw flames coming out from under my laptop. I threw the laptop off the bed and within seconds the fire in the bed had made a hole the size of a soccer ball.

Luckily I had a 10L water bottle nearby and I emptied half of that on the fire in the bed to extinguish it. During this time I burnt my foot and had blisters for a week which are healing up o.k. now. No medical costs. The fumes from the bed caused me to vomit violently all over my bed.

The laptop amazingly still worked but the screen was broken and their is molten plastic around the air vents that are at the front-bottom of the laptop. The molten plastic is only around this small grid of air-vents.

I have some photos of the damage to the bed and the laptop. I decided to buy a cheap desktop monitor and plugged it into the laptop, blindly navigated my way through the log-in and then switched over to Desktop. I am now writing to you on the same laptop.

I realise that you must want to inspect this laptop for future engineering and design considerations. Any "Death by laptop" incident for any manufacturer will obviously hurt sales.

The laptop was sitting in the open-air on the bed. The bed had a cotton-nylon bed-sheet and on top of that sheet at the end of my bed I had placed a rug which was to stop my bed getting dirty as I would work at the end of my bed with the laptop on top of this rug.
Its amazing really how lucky I was considering that I would often go out and leave my laptop on. I had my laptop OS programmed to automatically shut down but this was not always working - I don't know why. Sometimes the laptop would stay on when not being used. But nonetheless I was often at work on it for 8 hours straight on the rug.

I am happy to send the laptop to you for forensic investigation. Notice in the photos that this is the only air-vent on the undercarriage of this laptop and that is where the fire started.

Please advise,
Rio De Janeiro

UPDATE: 25th Jan

You're not going to believe this: Guess what the itch all over my body is? Well it started around my crutch, then moved up my stomach, then my shoulders, then my arms and back, then my head - at the smae time it was moving down my legs, then on my feet. Guess what it is? FUCKING SCABIES!!!
Guess where I got it from? The "NEW" bed. I gave the landlord R$150 to go get me a new bed. When he came back with a used one I thought, "Oh well, that must be the cost in Brazil". FUCK!!!

And guess where else the scabies have set up camp? I thought it was genital herpes!!! FUCK!!!
Its not THAT bad yet. But they are on their way aren't they!!! Set up camp on my dick the parasitic bastards.

So now I had to go buy R$50 bucks worth of scabicides and will have to wash with it for 15 days. And I think its the out-dated, potentially neurotoxic one called Benzoato de Benzila.

UPDATE: When you apply your scabicide all over your body the first time, be prepared for the scabies counter-attack lasting about 5 minutes. The Scabies consider it an act of biological terrorism and retaliate with a campaign of shock and awe as they seem to be burrowing further into your testicles and shaft in order to escape. You will also discover all the hives you didn't know you had as the only pain is coming from exactly where the hives are.

I was still itchy the next night. All over my chest mostly. I don't understand how the scabies, who are said to number from 10-50 on the body at a time normally, make the whole body itch, even in parts they are not present. Maybe there is a chemical they release in the epidermis which helps obscure them from the radar.

I also don't understand why scabies make you itch more at night, even when you are using the total body scabicide and changing bed sheets. What is it about scabies itch and night-time?